Mr. Oung Saroeun is 43 years old. He lives in Kompong Loung village, Angkor Borey commune, Angkor Borey district, Takeo province.

After attended the meeting with the project team (CR-SHIP) of PDAO, Mr. Saroeun decided to dig up the soil gradually and our teams also help him dig up a hole for putting the cement pipe. When we dig up to 1 meter depth Mr. Saroeun stopped and leaved the rest for next time because he need to go to pick up rice pack and load into the boat as always in order earn money for daily livelihood and for buying some part of latrine such as cement pipes, pipes .etc. He continued his digging stuffs in early dawn when he gets up and in the evening when he returned from work. Even though money is hard to make for Mr. Saroeun he still keeps smiling in trying to build a latrine from his will and the most important source of motivation is from his wife and daughters. He thinks that his daughters will be shamed or in danger when they excreting outside the latrine.

For only 3 days he can finish digging up the hole for putting the cement pipes and 5 more days after digging the hole he could finish building his latrine completely. Finally, his family feels excited because of having latrine to use and they also washed their hands with soap different from before that when they excreted outside latrine they did not wash their hands properly.

Mr. Oung Saroeun promised that he will encourage his neighborhoods that do not have latrine to build one like him because having latrine can provide us more convenient in living especially women. Moreover, it also partly reduces our expenditure on other health issues as well.