Overall Strategy

Overall Strategy

PDAO is focused on a range of common problems that continue to limit development in rural communities. These include limited experience and skills in good governance as well as agricultural practices that are not able to make the best use of the natural resources that are available. Community services are also limited in rural areas and are may not be equitably shared by all members of the community.

However, PDAO recognises that a stronger and more diverse funding base is required to ensure sustainability of our activities and allow for the expansion and further development of new projects in areas of particular need. As described in the goals presented below, we expect to put forward new funding proposals to a range of other domestic and international donors in coming years. In addition, our longer term sustainability will be secured through the development of a self funding mechanism by establishing a profit making component with all profits devoted exclusively to PDAO services.

This initial Strategic Plan has been developed in consultation with government officials and departments, communities, donor and partner organisations. It has been a joint effort by the PDAO Board of Directors and staffs. It will serve as our guide to ensure the most effective use of resources and its development has given us a better understanding of the risks and opportunities we face. PDAO is now ready to move ahead towards our mission, with confidence to learn from our errors as well as our successes.


Goal 1: Establish an independent Micro Finance Institute (MFI) or Credit Union (CU) to provide enterprise financing to communities supported by PDAO programs.

Goal 2: Improve the livelihood of rural people in target communities and achieve food security by increasing the productivity of agriculture, and developing rural enterprises and community services.

Goal 3: To improve local governance through the process of decentralization and de-concentration in Takeo and Kampot Provinces.

Goal 4: Geographic reach of PDAO services expanded.

Goal 5: Improve program and organisational management of PDAO.

Goal 6: Develop the financial independence of PDAO and support the sustainability of projects.