Our Business 2017-2021

PDAO relies on donor program funding and works individually and collaboratively with both local and international NGO’s, and other institutions that share common goals implementing activities that contribute to poverty alleviation and sustainable economic, social, educational and environmental growth.

This 5 Year Business and Annual Action Plan have been jointly prepared by the PDAO Board, Executive and staff and will be reviewed and updated annually commencing every November of the year. It will serve as a guide for the team to focus on key actions to maintain a sustainable, highly respected and viable organization.


To improve living conditions and alleviate poverty in rural communities through capacity building and, where appropriate, material support, in both formal and informal community structures with an emphasis on the most disadvantaged groups.


To build a sound and viable organization by expanding our services, diversifying income streams and retaining core professional staff.


Community Holistic Development (CHD): Our key strategy is to expand the self-help group (SHG), Saving for Change (SfC) and village development committee (VDC) project models throughout the country to improve the health, security and wellbeing of the people.It is aiming to:

  • Target new projects that extend the SHG, (SfC) and VDC models and expand the reach of community mobilization individually and/or partnership.
  • Focus assistance on the rural poor, particularly woman, children and disadvantage groups addressing food security, value chain, water, sanitation education, governance and planning.
  • Monitor, control, report and deliver all funded projects to the highest standards in terms of agreement to gain new and repeat business.
  • Ensure all projects are cost effective.

Social Enterprise (SE): Our key strategy is to establish a unit to explore discretionary income opportunities to support  ongoing viability. It is aiming to:

  • Invest in a credit provider service.
  • Establish and strengthen a pool of technical experts and provide fee paying consultancy services.
  • Initiate fee paying high quality English and Computer classes in selected schools and establish retail  in house school book shops as a social entrepreneurship program.
  • Foster fundraising and special events.

Climate Change (CC): Cambodia is highly susceptible to Climate Change and poor rural people are the most vulnerable. Our key strategy is to stimulate a healthy environment, strong economy and thriving community through motivation and endorsement of practical climate change adaptation and mitigation approaches. It is aiming to:

  • Climate Change adaption is a feature of most of PDAO projects
  • Increased number of Cambodians have greater understanding and skills in climate change adaption
  • Build internal climate change expertise and develop school and community education programs
  • Promote the use of natural resources, recycling and other means to diminish adverse impacts on the environment, society and culture
  • Integrate climate change adaption measures and capacity building into all projects
  • Profile PDAO’s work relating to climate change.