Assignment Name: Local Administration and Reform (LAAR)

Country: Cambodia

Location within Country:  Twelve communes, in three districts of Takeo province.

Professional Staff Provided by PDAO:

Donor: USAID through Pact Cambodia

No. of Staff: eight (8) program staffs and 4 administrative staffs, total of 12 staffs.

Address: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

No. of Staff-Months:  224

Duration of Assignment: 28 months

Start Date (Month/Year)

March 01, 2008

Completion Date

June 30, 2010

Approx. Value of Services: USD 226,641.00

Name of Associated Consultants: N/A

Narrative Description of Project:

The goal of the project is to build the capacity of community-based organizations, commune councils, and local community members to actively engage with each other and address social development issues through effective partnerships. The focused objectives of this grant are to: 1) build the capacity of CCs, community monitoring committees, and CBOs to increase commune councils’ participation, partnership, transparency and accountability in the fulfillment of their roles as local officials, 2) enhance community participation and the use of partnerships in the CC planning and project implementation cycle for up-coming year projects.

To meet the above goal and objectives, PDAO will promote the provision of training and coaching to commune councils (CCs), community monitoring committees (CMCs), community based organizations (CBOs), self help groups (SHG), and different group of disadvantages people in the community with the involvement of the provincial local administration unit staffs (DFT and PFT) on concepts and principles of local good governance aligning with civil society community outreach within the planning process and the implementation of annual commune investment program (CIP) as well as commune development plan (CDP). The uses of output from civil society community outreach, PDAO has provide series of training and coaching on project proposal writing and fund raising skill to those relevant partners, there were 22 social development project (SDP) proposals have been developed and approved/ granting by the USAID for the project which all those project going to be completed by June 2010. In continuing the strengthen and building the local people’s capacity, PDAO has had provided onsite coaching and followed up with mentoring to the trained participants including project implementation, monitoring and evaluation and the financial management at the commune level in order to address the financial procedure required by USAID.

Services Provided by PDAO:

PDAO works as sub-grantee organization with Pact Cambodia. The core responsibilities are (i) to develop annual proposal and workplan based on the ToR of the program, (ii) to prepare yearly implementation plan based the approved proposal and the ToR to ensure the project implementation, monitoring and evaluation are in place, (iii) to design appropriate training sessions and to implement the training with follow by field coaching and mentoring to CCs, CBOs, CMCs at all level in the respective communities, (iv) to coordinate with local government officials includes commune, district, and provincial line departments in promoting and empowering the Social Development Project and the implementation of LAAR, and (v) to produce quarterly reports, case studies, success stories, and final report for Pact Cambodia.