Project title: Supporting Local Administration and Reform (LAAR) in the Implementation of D&D Reform

Sector 15: Government and Civil Society (151 and 152) and Sector 16: Other Social Infrastructure and Service (16010, 16020, and 16050)

Location of the action

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Takeo province, three districts totally 22 communes





March 2007 to June 2010

Objectives and results of the action:

Objective of the Action

The goal of the project was to build the capacity of Community-Based Organizations (CBO), Commune Councils (CC), and local community members to actively engage with each other to address social development issues through effective partnerships. The focused objectives were to: 1) build the capacity of CCs, community monitoring committees, and CBOs to increase CCs participation, partnership, transparency and accountability in the fulfilment of their roles as local officials, 2) enhance community participation and the use of partnerships in the CC planning and project implementation cycle for up-coming year projects.

Results of the Action:

Training and coaching on:

  • Appropriate training sessions were designed for the CCs, CBOs, and CMCs, including: Outreach Activities, Social Development Project Design and Proposal Writing, Financial Management in Application of the Commune/Sangkat Law, Project Management, Facilitation and Communication Skills, D&D and Local Good Governance, etc.;
  • Training and coaching was provided to CCs, community monitoring committees (CMCs), Community-based Organizations (CBOs), Self Help Groups (SHG), and groups of disadvantaged people in the community with the involvement of the provincial local administration unit staff (DFT and PFT). Training was on concepts and principles of good local governance aligning with civil society community outreach within the planning process and the implementation of annual Commune Investment Plans (CIP) as well as the Commune Development Plan (CDP);
  • Coordinated with local government officials including commune, district, and provincial line departments in promoting and empowering the Social Development Project and the implementation of LAAR;
  • Produce case studies, success stories, and final report for Pact Cambodia.

Technical and financial support on Outreach Activities:

  • Onsite field support to CCs and CMCs in 22 communes on how to perform effective and responsive outreach activities by ensuring for active participation, partnership, transparency, and accountability, and how to integrate its outcomes into CDP/CIP, CC&CMC produced 22 work plans in the second year and followed another 22 workplan in the following year, and all plans were implemented effectively;
  • Provided financial support, totally EUR27,940, to 22 commune to implement OA, it has been implemented effectively in the 22 communes;
  • Coaching the CC&CMC in 22 communes in preparation of OA Plan for after the project end, 22 OA Plans were produced and effectively implemented.

Technical and Financial Support on Social Development Project:

  • Provided technical and financial support for 22 SDP development and implementation, 22 SDPs were developed and effectively implemented in 22 communes (one year project);
  • 22 SDPs were successfully implemented in 22 communes, the total budget contributed by the project is amounting to EUR150,664.00 and co-financing by the commune/Sangkat fund amounting to EUR59,931.09
  • Total of 43 public forums performed by CCs & CMCs, 7 inter-commune council meeting, 13 SDP focus on health and environment issues, 3 SDPs focus on educations issues, and 6 SDPs focus on agriculture and livelihood improvement including life skills training.