Child Protection Committee


Appendix 1

I. Introduction

The Child Protection Committee is led by the Chairman who is nominated and selected by an election of the Committee Members.

II. Child Protection Committee Mandate

The Child Protection Committee (CPC) consists of 5 persons with the Executive Director or Deputy Executive Director (if ED not available) and Operations/Financial Manager as permanent positions. Three other persons are elected from PDAO ongoing projects. They are a Program Manager (National Level), a Project Manager (Provincial Level) and an Administration/Financial Officer (Provincial Level).

The CPC members will include at least one female member

The CPC is endorsed to monitor and control all permanent staff and other persons working in the organization/institution with relation to all forms of child abuse (see Child Protection Policy).

The duration of each Child Protection Committee mandate is three years.

III. Structure of Child Protection Committee

  1. Chairman (01)
  2. Deputy Chairman (01)
  3. Member (03)

IVCandidates and Nomination of Child Protection Committee

The component of Child Protection Committee as below:

  1. Executive Director/Deputy Executive Director (01)
  2. Operation and Financial Manager     (01)
  3. Program Manager (01)
  4. Project Manager/Provincial level (01)
  5. Administration and Financial Officer (01)

V. Roles and Responsibilities of Child Protection Committee

  • Ensure that all staff comply with the PDAO Child Protection Policy
  • Investigate any incidents and take appropriate action against staff who do not comply with Child Protection Policy
  • Review the Child Protection Policy every three years and ensure each staff member receives training on the present and revised Policy

VI. Meeting 

Child Protection Committee have to organize urgently a meeting when there has been an incident of staff who have abused a child/children or have not complied with the Child Protection Code of Conduct or in urgent case by the invitation of Chairman of Child Protection Committee. The decision of Child Protection Committee is approved by a vote is 50%+1 of quorum 2/3 of Child Protection Committee members who participated in the meeting.

 VII. Fulfilling the Position of Child Protection Committee

The Executive Director has to take action to select a new member to fulfill the position of Child Protection Committee within 15days from the date of member who has resigned or member, who is seriously sick, died and therefore could not attend the meeting

Appendix 2:

PDAO-Child Protection Policy -Incident Report

If you see a child at immediate risk of harm please contact the hotlines noted below:

Cambodian emergency reporting contacts :

–          National Police                  1288 or 023997919

–          Phnom Penh                     012 311 112

–          Kompong Cham                012 557 188

–          Siem Reap                        017 358 758

–          Sihanouk Ville                   012 478 100

–          Neak Leoung                     089 500 008

–          Poi Pet                              095 960 303

Cambodia Child Helpline
Cambodia provides a toll-free, national, professional phone-counselling and information service, as well as referrals and follow-ups for children and concerned citizens. Call 1280 or SMS 017 985 810.


  • AVI Child Protection Policy April 2018
  •  Child Safe Tourism :
  • Child Helpline Cambodia Phone:  1280 ( 24 hours)
  • Tommy’s Children and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy and Procedure –
  • EveryChild Child Protection Policy and Procedures –
  • Save the Children Child Protection Policy –
  • UK Charity Commission –

 (PDAO Child Protection Policy Reviewed June 2018)