A Business Model of Smallholders’ Farmer in Agri-Business on Value Chain of Vegetable and Livestock

Assignment Name: A Business Model of Smallholders’ Farmer in Agri-Business on Value Chain of Vegetable and Livestock

Country: Cambodia

Location within Country:  Kampot province

Professional Staff Provided by PDAO: 6 Professional Staffs

Donor: DFAT

No. of Staff: Three (3) program staffs and 3 support staffs, total of 6 staffs.

Address: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

No. of Staff-Months:  7 person/month

Duration of Assignment: 12 months

Start Date (Month/Year)

March 01, 2017

Completion Date

February 28, 2018

Approx. Value of Services: USD 41,349.74

Name of Associated Consultants: None

Narrative Description of Project:

Project Objective

At the end of February 2018, the standard of living -physical and economic environment – in 5 selected poor villages with 162 smallholders’ farmers consisting of 810 people (417 female) is improved, at least 15% of their families’ incomes are increased and women in particular are empowered to participate in the three new businesses model and/or agri-business

Result #01: 62 smallholder’s famers in Chey Tasvay village are applying good agriculture practices (GAP) combined with drip system and access to water all year-round for crop irrigation and domestic purpose through solar powered pumping small water supply accessibility

Result #02: A total of 25 smallholders’ farmers living at Prey Peay village, Tropiang Pliang commune will be formed as SHG and becoming a local retailer on Agriculture Inputs Supplies and Trading their Local Products to external market at Chhouk district and gained knowledge and skill on solar drying system for banana and mango fruit

Result #03: Total of 75 smallholders’ farmers living at TropiangBoeng, Tromeng and Promol village in Tromeng commune, are raising duck for egging and selling duck will be formed as 3 SHGs consisting of 75 members, they will becoming a local retailer group of Duck Food plus other Inputs Supplies and Trading their eggs and ducks directly to external market where appropriate with fair and better price.


7 X Self Help Groups(SHGs)  have been reactivated and supported with training, monitoring and coaching in field by the project .

The SHGs consists of 162 small holder farmers (93 women), with total family beneficiaries of 810 persons,.

Their total capital increasing with  Savings for Change (SC) Programs  from their start-up capital:  in June of   KHR 40,067,500 : TO :  72,594,800 KHR , as of January 1st , 2018

Services Provided by PDAO:

    • Project activities in target area including project planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation.
    • Ensure all activities are completed following the project timeline and achieving the project purpose.
    • Mentor and supervise all the field staff in community level activities
    • Coordinate logistics for project activities
    • Prepare training materials, lessons and organize training schedules.
    • Facilitate relevant commune and village level meetings
    • Ensure proper monitoring of the project with regular field visits.
    • Host the visitors
    • Assist and organize for the medical team
    • Be organized and submit all reports on time.
    • Obtain and maintain motorbike if responsible for driving a motorbike.
    • Be willing to travel for training and other project related meetings.
    • Coordinate and facilitate community campaigns.
    • Ensure all staff members presented the gospel with people through project activities and community activities.